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On-line training

Welcome to the VC360 Photo App User Portal.

The VC360 Photo App controls the process of taking photos of vehicles. It reduces the time taken to perform sessions while improving their quality and consistency. It guides the user step by step and can be used without training.

VC360 Photo App features:

  • Repeated photo sessions - consistent vehicle presentation.
  • Virtual Garage - manage your vehicle photos in one place.
  • VC360 Player - create your vehicle presentation in 360-degree technology to enhance your customer experience
  • Online training - the app is easy to use, but if you want, you can watch the video training at a time that is convenient for you.

You can choose any subtitle language in the training video.

How to do it?

Click the YouTube logo and open the video in a new tab, then click

  1. Settings 2) Subtitles/CC 3) Auto-translate 4) Select your language


Basic information on how to use the application
Installing the application

The app is available to download for both Android and iOS smartphones.

Look up the application by entering the name virtualcar360 (orange icon with a car)

Login details

You'll find your login details in the email you received from us: a login and a password for the mobile app for taking photos, and a separate login and password for the VC360 Manager to manage your photos.


VC360 Photo App - operating the application

a. Taking photos

You can start taking photos in a new session tab.

Before you start:

  • enter the session name
  • select the photo format
  • select the segment/model of the car you are going to photograph
  • tick the background you want the system to use in the photos

Proceed to the photo session and follow the instructions in the app. Match the car outline displayed on your smartphone screen (the so-called Ghost) with the shape of the car you are going to photograph. The app will tell you which shots to take, one by one.


The following steps are available:


  1. exterior shots (8 shots as standard)
  2. interior 360 shots (up to 4 shots using an additional 360 camera)

III. additional/detail shots (up to 20 shots as standard)


You don't need Internet to carry out photo sessions and operate the application.

Using a 360 camera for spherical photos

In order to take spherical 360 photos, you will need a dedicated, additional 360 camera. Follow the application that will tell you how to connect the camera and use it to take photos.


Note: the camera should always be in photo and wi-fi transmission mode after being switched on; an orange circle on the camera picture indicates that status.

Sending a photo session to VC360 Manager

After taking photos with the mobile app, the photo session is available in the My Photo Sessions tab of the app. You can always edit the session before sending it – delete, add or replace selected photos by taking them again.


You need Wi-Fi access or your own mobile data transmission to send a photo session. Pressing the Submit and send button sends the photo session to the VC360 Manager system cloud.

My account details

You will find basic information on the account and its set-up in the My account tab. This is where you can check how many spaces are available in your virtual salon, i.e. how many sessions you can still make.

Reporting errors

Use the Report a Problem form on the SUPPORT page to report errors related to the app and its operation. After receiving your report, our team will take action to solve the problem as soon as possible time and will contact you.

Background replacement service

After photos are sent from the app, they go to the VC360 Manager system cloud. This is where the background in the photos is changed. The user doesn't need to perform any additional actions – the photos will appear automatically in the system after the background change.

Note: if you have filled all the spaces in your virtual salon, it will be impossible to upload a new session into the system after the background change. In this case, you will need to clear the salon or purchase additional spots in the salon.

Logging into the VC360 Manager (logging into the cloud, virtual salon)

The sessions are managed in the VC360 Manager system which is available online at

Managing photos

The sessions are managed in the VC360 Manager system available online at

A list of all your photo sessions is available in the Photos tab. This includes both the original photo sessions and photo sessions after background changes.

There is an indicator of how many spots are left in your virtual salon for your subscription plan at the top left of the page. If your salon is close to maximum capacity or has already reached it, the field with the spot number indicator will be highlighted in red. Deleted photo sessions free up space for new cars.

If you need to increase the number of places in the virtual garage, please contact us via the form below or at the top of the page support.

Downloading photos

The full photo package can be downloaded in the Photos tab (by downloading photos from Player 360 tab you won't get the full package).

You can download the full photo package by clicking the orange Download arrow on the left side of the list located next to each session. The photos selected for download are sent for final downloading from the Photos > ZIP Photo Package tab.

Deleting a photo session

You can delete a photo session in the Photos tab.

In order to delete a photo session from the system, go to the in the list of sessions; select the checkbox highlighted in orange on the left next to the selected item. Then, press the Delete selected items button at the bottom of the page and confirm this action.

The photo session will be deleted from the system and will free up space in your virtual salon for other cars. Once deleted, a photo session cannot be restored.

Player 360

In addition to traditional photos, you can generate a link to Player 360 – an interactive presentation of the car, created by the system on the basis of your photos.

Player 360 can be generated and managed in the Player 360 tab.

Generating Player 360

To create a new Player 360, click on the Add new button in the Player 360 tab. Then, from the list of sessions, select the car for which you want to generate Player 360 and the first photo which you want the presentation to start with. Click the Save button below.

The created Player 360 will appear in the Offer List tab.

Managing Player 360

Generate a link to a created Player 360 by clicking on the Export icon in the Offer List.

A table with an individual presentation link will appear; you can place it on the website (Player360 implementation instructions constitute a separate technical document), pasted into the offer or sent to the client instead of a whole package of photos taking up a lot of space in the e-mail box.

Note: if the photo session used to create Player 360 is deleted from the Photos tab, this Player will no longer be active.

Contact & Support

Please report any technical problems related to the operation and errors of the VC360 Photo Application directly via the SUPPORT page.

Language change in VC360 Photo App:
Language change process in VC360 Photo App:
  • In the main panel, we enter the My Account category
  • Then at the very bottom we find the Settings category
  • There you will find the option to change the language by clicking on the Language bar
  • We set the preferred language in the application and the application will automatically take us back to the main panel with the changed language

Instructions on how to create a player with hotspots

Player operation instructions

How to change YT subtitle language to any

Hold Your smartphone straight

telefon,iOS,android,aplikacja mobilna,smartfon
VC360 Photo App - ZOOM

Smartphone position and height

Appropriate framing using ghosts

Adjusting app parameters

Autofocus function

Positioning the car for shooting

Selecting the session site

Use a holder with a polarizing filter

Using the VC360 App on several phones

One application license can be used on several phones at the same time. If the application is used on several phones, the photos will be sent to one account of the web part of the VC360 Manager / VC360 Offer Manager application.

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